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RECAMFT is an organization dedicated to maintaining the professional standards and ethics as defined by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists ( We provide the local Sonoma County community with information about the services and expertise of Marriage and Family Therapists and offer professional networking, educational activities and events for the membership.

Our Mission: "The purpose of RECAMFT is to promote and maintain professional competence and integrity with knowledge, innovation, compassion, humor and respect for human dignity and diversity. We do this by providing opportunities for networking, education and community outreach.”

Racial and Social Justice Pledge: RECAMFT is committed to addressing inequalities including structural racism and systemic injustice. We endeavor to be inclusive and value individuals from all ethnicities, ages, races, sexual orientations, genders, languages, abilities, religions, citizenship statuses, and socioeconomic backgrounds into our chapter and into treatment.

We strive to advocate, educate, collaborate, and strategize for positive racial and social justice change within our membership and our community. 

Our President's Welcome

from Laura Strom, LMFT

Welcome to the Redwood Empire California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. We are happy you’re interested in joining this outstanding assembly of healers. We are a caring group of clinicians, but we’re tough, too. We have supported our community through floods, wildfires, evacuations, and now the coronavirus pandemic, and have learned a lot about healing trauma along the way. Are you a student or prelicensed? Check out all the wonderful things we offer just for you, including events, free mentoring, and a directory of potential supervisors! 

We are the best CE bargain in town. Just by attending our events you will earn all the CEs you need to renew your license. We have shifted to online Zoom meetings and trainings during this pandemic. Our Board of Directors meets the second Friday monthly (except July and August) from 9-11 am on Zoom. To attend, or for any questions simply send a request to and our administrative consultant, Joe Ward, will respond, or get your question to the right person.

One of the best things about membership is our online listserv which is a great place to connect and share valuable resources with your colleagues. Have you written a book? We’d love to include it in our library. Our Ethics Roundtable held three times a year is a great way to ask sticky questions and get some thoughtful answers. We’ve been recording our presentations for years so members can watch them at their leisure; there are over 65 speaker videos in our library from which to choose, with handouts, and extras included in the Members Only section.

If you are seeking therapy, please check out our Therapist Directory, where you can search by insurance, type of therapy desired, issues to explore, etc. We have wonderful therapists who specialize in relationships and family counseling, in addition to treatment for individuals. Most clinicians offer teletherapy, and many take insurance. Questions can be directed to

It is my sincerest hope we will be able to come together in person before the end of 2021. But if not, we’ll still be here in 2022. RECAMFT will be celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2024 (we can’t wait!). Prior to coronavirus’ massive transformation of our profession, we held our in-person meetings on the first Friday monthly, from 10:30 am – 1 pm (no meetings were held in July/August) at the Oddfellows Hall in Santa Rosa, CA. Holding events on Zoom has given us more flexibility with dates and times, but we surely miss our in-person events. When we are finally able to get back together as a community, we will not hold back with the celebration!

To our distinguished, crème de la crème clinicians (yes, that could be you!) who have contributed over the years to the fine reputation RECAMFT has earned, I owe my thanks and gratitude for the privilege of serving as your humble leader. Actually, the RECAMFT Board of Directors makes it easy because we function like a well-oiled machine, however, one that is supportive, warm and caring. Members, please make it your goal to attend a board meeting this year to see the magic at work.

Wishing us all a healthy, safe 2021 as we continue to navigate these extraordinary times together…

Laura Strom, PsyD, LMFT, CRC

2021 Acting President, President Elect

2022 President

The Best CE Bargain! You can earn ALL your CEs for renewal, simply by attending the monthly RECAMFT meetings and taking our Law & Ethics six-hour seminar in the spring. It's the best CE bargain anywhere and includes fun networking with your colleagues, a wide variety of interesting speakers and topics, a chance to get known in the community for what you do, and great snacks!

Monthly meetings are open to the public and no charge. RECAMFT provides CEs for professionals who are licensed with the CA Board of Behavioral Sciences. There is no charge to members for 1.5 or more CEs at most general monthly meetings. Non-members who desire CEs can pay to purchase a CE certificate.

"Brief Disaster Response Training for Helping Professionals, a video presentation" 

This 2 hr presentation features Doreen Van Leeuwen, LMFT, Advanced Critical Incident Responder, Disaster Mental Health Specialist. The video, handouts, slides and other resources are available to the general public at no charge. Click here to start watching. 

RECAMFT is in the news - again! CAMFT 2017-18 President, and RECAMFT member Dr. Bob Casanova was quoted in his role as an LMFT as he prepared to evacuate during the Kincade fire, in "Evacuation orders create agonizing decision for Sonoma County residents" by Julie Johnson. 

Pulitzer prize-winning staff published an article about how our community was coping approximately 10 months after the 2017 fires. Our own 2019 President and disaster mental health expert, Doreen Van Leeuwen, was interviewed for this wonderful article

Read Martin Espinoza's Press Democrat article about the Wildfire Mental Health Collaboration here. President Doreen Van Leeuwen was featured in this article

RECAMFT has taken a major role in providing free therapy for the public. Found out more on our Resources page

Are you looking for a Medi-Cal provider?

We are constantly updating our Therapist Directory to reflect providers who take the Partnership Healthplan of California  Medi-Cal (managed by Beacon Health Strategies in Sonoma County). 

You can search for a provider on the Beacon website here. When prompted for "Plan name/Code" enter "Partnership."

Are you looking for a therapy group?

Our members offer a wide array of groups for the public. Please click the image below for a PDF list of groups available currently. 

Save the Date:
Fri., Jan. 7th

 2 CEs

"Al-Anon Family Groups provide support and recovery for family and friends impacted by a loved one’s addiction"Presented by

Bob Dalzell, LMFT & Panel: Chris N., Cindy H., Susan V., Lindy M.

Members of Al-Anon Family Groups who currently attend Al-Anon meetings on a regular basis in Sonoma County will present their experience, strength, and hope, and explain how the tools of the Al-Anon program powerfully and elegantly cross-fertilize their healing and growth in psychotherapy. They belong to Al-Anon because they have “a friend or relative with the problem of Alcoholism” or other addictions, and this has greatly affected their lives. Two of the presenters will share their personal stories of what brought them to Al-Anon, and how Al-Anon of recovery has helped them. These members find that despite the ups and downs of their loved one’s addiction they have been able “to find serenity and even happiness whether their loved one is drinking or not”. The core tools of the program will be explained, along with tips about referring to Al-Anon.

  • Fri., Jan. 7th
  • 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
  • 2.0 CEs 
  • Online Zoom Webinars
  • Register here.

RECAMFT Response to COVID-19

Due to ongoing concerns and in support of efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19, RECAMFT will continue to hold all chapter events virtually through 12/31/2021. Keep an eye on our events page for updates throughout the year.

News from the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention points to continued spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus throughout the country and the state of California. In making this decision, RECAMFT has resolved to be abundantly cautious and prioritize the health and safety of its members, speakers, and volunteer staff.

RECAMFT remains committed to providing support and resources for our members. We are carefully monitoring information about COVID-19 and hope to resume our regular program as soon as possible. We promise to keep you informed as developments unfold. We encourage you to stay connected via the ListServ and continue to share helpful information with our community.

Wishing everyone health and wellness.


RECAMFT Board of Directors

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Read RECAMFT's Climate Resolution here. Or download a PDF.  Thank you to member Wowlvenn Seward-Katzmiller, LMFT for writing and proposing this resolution, which our members approved in a landslide vote. 

Featured member

Thank you to Ed Aiona and the Sonoma County Water Agency for giving us permission to display

the photo of the Russian River. Pictures of redwood trees and leaves by RECAMFT member Laura Strom are used with permission. 

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