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Redwood Empire CAMFT Event Videos

Vídeos del evento CAMFT de Redwood Empire

Enjoy these individual videos below of the first half of many of our speakers' presentations. Each presentation is 90 minutes in length, available on two videos.

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To make the video larger, either click YouTube on the lower right corner of the video which will allow you to watch it on YouTube, OR on the right side of the YouTube logo, click the 4 corner square which will make the video full screen. Simply hit the ESC button to exit full screen.

All RECAMFT's videos are available as a playlist on our YouTube Channel. Please subscribe to our channel to see the latest videos. This player features our playlist with all our videos.

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2020 Videos

 Psychological Symptoms of Hormonal   Imbalences Thru the Life Cycle of Men &   Women
 Jane Kennedy, CFNP, MN, MPH

RN Jane Kennedy spoke at the Jan. 2020 meeting. 

 Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy -   The New Frontier
 Christina Ingenito, LCSW & Jim Matto-   Shepard, PhD

2020 President Tara D'Orazio.

The Annual Members Meeting featured our jazz band! 


 Understanding How Military Service Affects  Families

 John W Schempf, LMFT

2019 Videos

Cultivating Empowerment: Preventing Suicide in the LGBTQ Community Using LGBTQ Affirmative Therapy
Rick Grant-Coons, PsyD

Working with the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) in Psychotherapy
Ivy Griffin, LMFT

What's Up With Men? An Attempt at a Deeper Understanding and Solution to the Problems Men Create
Joe Petzel, LMFT

Current Research and Its Application to Effective Treatment of Sex Addicts and Their Partners
Tim Stein, LMFT & Jeanne Vattuone, LCSW

Introduction to the Hakomi Method
Wally Phillips, LMFT


Accessing Resources: Integrating Role-Play Into Your Work
Sylvia Israel, LMFT


Working Effectively with Clients Raised in Narcissistic Families
Dan Neuharth, PhD, LMFT

Ivy Griffin presenting. 

A full house! 


Divorce Options: Helping Your Client Navigate the Emotional Impact of Divorce
Randy Cheek,  LMFT


Compassion and Burnout
Andy Wallace,  PhD

2018 Videos

Clinicians as Sleuths: Uncovering Hidden Brain Injury (BI)
Laura Strom, PsyD, LMFT, LPCC, CRC

Life After Fifty, With or Without Children
Sara Zeff Geber, PhD.

“The Deepest Well”: Reducing the Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in Sonoma County
Mary Kelly Persyn, PhD., JD

Mary Kelly Persyn speaking at RECAMFT.

Surrogate Partner Therapy Demystified
Annie Chen, LMFT, Barbara Ochsner-Walsh, LMFT, & Cheryl Cohen Greene, DHS

The Effect of Gender on Male Depression and Suicide
Bruce Feingold, Ph.D.

Psychotherapy for a Changing Planet
Leslie Davenport, MS, LMFT

10 Bulding Blocks to Help You Create an Ethical Private Practice of Your Dreams
Sherry Shockey-Pope, LMFT

The Silver Lining of Infidelity
Talal Alsaleem, LMFT

Solution Focused Brief Therapy
Fran Wickner, PhD.,  LMFT

My Client Is Dying - What Do I Say Or Do?
Jill Johnson-Young, LCSW

2017 Videos

Using Stories for Healing in Therapy
Jan Ogren, LMFT

On Working in the Transference with Individuals and Couples
R. Peter Hobson

Collaborative Couple Therapy: Turning Fights into Conversations
Dan Wile, PhD

Healing Shame in Couples
Shelia Rubin, LMFT and Bret Lyon, PhD

Aging Happens: Dealing with it Wholesomely in Ourselves and in our Clients
Judith Goleman, LMFT

Dan Wile working with a couple. 

Introduction to Neurofeedback for Therapists
Silvia Costales, MFT, BCN

Now What?: Self-Care and Community Care in the Aftermath of the 2017 NorCal Fires
Doreen Van Leeuwen, LMFT

LGBTQ+: Thinking Beyond the Binary with Gender and Expression
Patrick Armstrong, LMFT

2016 Videos

 Reciprocal Exchange Dynamics: Leveraging Therapeutic Transactions
 Scott Nelson, PhD, LMFT

 Focusing and Expressive Arts
 Laury Rappaport, PhD, LMFT

Laury Rappaport crowd. 

 Group 101: Facilitation Basics
 Lois Friedlander, LMFT

Ashly Thompson & Clare Brown, RECAMFT's first sponsors. 

 Working the Body Knot
 Kitty Chelton, LMFT & Theresa Beldon, LMFT

The Narcissistic Enchantment
Dr. Meagan Pugh, LPCC, D.Min., ATR-BC, SEP

Behind the Mask: Working with Men in Psychotherapy
Gary Gross, LMFT

Attachment Trauma and Neural-Development: Supporting and Healing Primary Relationships
Jennifer Silverstein, LCSW

Domestic Violence in Our Community
Bea Esbit, Melissa Jones, Muncie Harper and Maggie Caffery

Relational Approaches To Individual and Group Therapy
Haim Weinberg, PhD

Working with Life-Threatening Illness in Psychotherapy
Dale Borglum, PhD

2015 Videos

 Is Marriage As We Know It Dying? Newly Emerging Trends of Which Every Therapist Should Be Aware
 Susan Pease Gadoua, LCSW & Vicki Larson

 The Self-Love Diet
 Michelle Minero, LMFT

Author Michelle Minero speaking. 

 Intro to Affect Centered Therapy
 John Omaha, PhD, LMFT

 Common Mistakes Therapists Make When Treating Sexual Issues
 Diane Gleim, LMFT, CST

Hannah Caratti's presentation included flute!

 Somatic Practices for Anxiety, PTSD and Stress Reduction
 Hannah Caratti, LMFT

 Managing Emotions After Trauma: Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
 Rick Olcese, PsyD

 CBT Basics for the Clinician: Behavior Experiments
 Litsa Tanner, LMFT

 Help Your Couples Move from Gridlock to Dialogue
 Lisa Lund, LMFT, CRC

 The Power of Creative Play
 Alva Ackley, LMFT

 Bringing Authentic Presence into Therapy with Clients Facing Cancer
 Cheryl Krauter, LMFT

2014 Videos

 Gender, Sex and Transitioning
 Kris Spangler, LMFT

 Working with Couples & AD/HD
 Molly Bloom, MEd, LMFT

 How to Treat Social Anxiety Disorder: Cognitive Interventions that Work
  Jennifer Shannon, LMFT

Author Jennifer Shannon speaking. 

 Mindfulness and Spirituality in Psychotherapy
 John Amodeo, PhD, LMFT


Play Therapist Jennifer Ballard speaking. 

 Play Therapy: Assessing and Developing Executive Functions
 Jennifer Ballard, LMFT

 Afraid to Let Go: For Parents of Adult Alcoholics and Addicts
 Mary Crocker Cook, D.Min, LMFT

 Shame: Toxic or Healthy?
 Bret Lyon, PhD

 Making A Clean Getaway
 Lorraine Segal

 Enhancing Attachment Security: Clinical and Neurobiological Perspectives
 Daniel Sonkin, PhD, LMFT

 Transform your inner tyrants: Internal Family Model & Somatic Art Therapy
 Meagan Pugh, PhD, LPCC

2013 Videos

 Cross-cultural Awareness in Psychology with Latinos
 Robert Benavides, Jr, PhD, LMFT

RECAMFT enjos winning their first Chapter of the Year Award, 2014. 

 Domestic Violence Assessment, Treatment and Safety
 Joseph Petzel, LMFT

2015-2016 CAMFT President Laura Strom.

 Dyadic Developmental Psychology
 Mervin Maier, LMFT

 Effective Trauma Treatment
 Laura C. Strom, LMFT, LPCC, CRC

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