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Joe and Pamela Ward Memorial RECAMFT Scholarship

The Joe and Pamela Ward Memorial RECAMFT Scholarship Program

To honor the legacy of Joe and Pam Ward, on November 12, 2021 the RECAMFT Board of Directors set up a Scholarship Committee, set aside $5250 for scholarships, and adopted a scholarship program: 

Two (2) annual gifts of $1,000 and free 1 year chapter membership to pre-licensed members of RECAMFT.

One (1) annual gift of $1,000 and free 1 year chapter membership to a newly licensed member (up to three years post-licensure) of RECAMFT.

Five (5) annual gifts of CAMFT Membership dues reimbursement (up to $100) to pre-licensed RECAMFT members (you must provide a copy of your CAMFT receipt).

Annual budget: $3500

Initial funding goal: $10,500 (3 years of scholarships)

  • Applications accepted from January 1 to April 30th annually.
  • Winners selected and announced at June Board Meeting.
  • Winners thanked at the September Speaker Meeting.
  • Funds distributed in July.


  • You must be a verified current member of CAMFT/RECAMFT. 
  • Work or reside in Sonoma, Lake, or Mendocino County.
  • Lifetime limit of 2 scholarships.

To apply: please provide the following. 

  • One (1) page typed autobiographical sketch.
  • Two (2) paragraphs on why you entered this field.
  • Statement of how the scholarship will make a difference for you.
  • Priority will be given to those who are underrepresented in the mental health field (BIPOC, disabilities, LGBTQ+, elders, etc.). 
  • Professional headshot photo.
  • If awarded. you will need to complete an IRS W-9 form (we will send you a 1099 Tax Form for your taxes at our close of the year). 
  • To apply for the $100 reimbursement simply email a copy of your CAMFT dues receipt and a request to This applies to dues paid after November 12, 2021 when the Board adopted the program. 

Email the completed scholarship packet or questions to on or before April 30th. 

Joseph "Joe" and Pamela Ward
A decade of service to RECAMFT

Joe and Pam Ward each served as RECAMFT's Administrative Consultant starting with Pam in Sept. 2012. She served until her death in Dec. 2016. Joe seamlessly took over after Pam until his death in Oct. 2021. It was thanks to Joe that RECAMFT began filming our presentations beginning in 2013 leading to a very healthy collection of videos over the years, and putting RECAMFT on the map as the only CAMFT chapter offering this unique service at the time. 

Joe and Pam had three adopted children, two daughters, Jannea and Simone, and a son, Andrew. Pam ran an adoption agency, and avidly believed in helping children by adopting them to good homes. They have one grandson. 

On Nov. 12, 2021 the RECAMFT Board of Directors voted to create a Scholarship Committee, and to provide 50% of the funds needed for the first three (3) years of this $3500/yr annual scholarship program. The Board authorized $5250 to be set aside to fund 50% of the scholarships for 3 years. The total initial funding goal is $10, 500. 

The RECAMFT Board hopes our members will do the rest, raising the additional $5250 to complete our vision of the first three years of scholarships for our prelicensed and newly licensed members, and honoring the legacy of Joe and Pam Ward who gave so much to our chapter. 

Here's the goal!! 

  • Members raise $5250.
  • RECAMFT provides $5250.
  • Total Goal $10,500 
This funds 3 years of scholarships at $3500/year for prelicensed or newly licensed RECAMFT members. 

"I think it is amazing you are considering setting up a scholarship program in my parents' honor. Our family would be honored. I know my parents would love for that to be a legacy they leave behind and to continue to empower and support others' growth."   -- Andrew Ward* 

Members Scholarship Goal $5250

RECAMFT has chosen to honor Joe and Pam Ward, and their three adopted children by creating a memorial scholarship and grant program. There will be one scholarship honoring each child, and ten grants. The RECAMFT Board has chosen to match the goal of $10,500 (3 years of scholarships at $3500/year) with a 50% starting grant of $5250. We hope our membership will honor this noble cause by providing the rest, which will allow us to keep the scholarship going for 3 years.
Collected: $1,720.00
Goal: $5,250.00


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* Email to Laura Strom, RECAMFT's Acting President, October 17, 2021. Andrew is Joe and Pam Ward's son. 

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