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Trauma-Informed Yoga 

RECAMFT does not endorse any of these yoga teachers, but is simply offering this page as a resource for the community.

What is trauma-informed yoga?

Trauma-informed yoga is a broad term that describes movements, breathing practices and relaxation that help to relieve physical and emotional symptoms caused by trauma. It is based on the growing understanding that trauma takes a heavy toll on the body and the nervous system. This practice focuses on helping individuals move out of the "fight or flight" response (sympathetic nervous system) into the "rest and digest" mode (parasympathetic nervous system).

The iRest guided meditation protocol, developed by psychologist Richard Miller, Ph.D., is one of the components of “Yoga for Trauma Relief.” Other components include self-soothing movements, such as gentle rocking, attachment based approaches, and bilateral stimulation (cross-brain integration), a method of trauma release which is also a core aspect of EMDR.

 The practices in “Trauma Informed Yoga” are designed to reduce posttraumatic symptoms, and research has shown they work well. You can experience this at home using one of Richard Miller's videos

The “Yoga for Trauma Relief” online classes offered by the teachers below are by donation or on a sliding scale. Please contact the teacher directly for more information and a link to their online classes.

Mondays 10:30am with Kami Kessel
Mondays 5:30pm with Hannah Caratti, LMFT, ERYT

Tuesdays thru 1/2021:  5pm English/Spanish with Ivana Nedelchev

Tuesdays  7:30pm Guided Imagery and Yoga Relaxation with Susi Yogini,

Wednesdays  4pm with Hannah Caratti 

Wednesdays  7:300pm Guided Imagery and Yoga Relaxation with Susi Yogini,

Thursdays thru 1/2021:  6pm English/Spanish with Ivana Nedelchev

Thursdays 7:30pm Guided Imagery and Yoga Relaxation with Susi Yogini,

Fridays  10:30am with Kami Kessel

Fridays  12pm with Therese Smith, LMFT, E-RYT

Saturdays 10AM with Hannah Caratti, 

Click here to see a list of therapists willing to donate 3-5 free sessions to those affected by the recent fires. 

For more resources for a disaster or crisis, please visit RECAMFT's Resources page

Click here to learn more about efforts to help our community recover from the wildfires! 

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