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 RECAMFT's Laura C. Strom Distinguished Board Member Award

Congratulations goes to Tara D'Orazio who was elected by her Board peers to win the inaugural new award, RECAMFT's Laura C. Strom Distinguished Board Member Award for 2023. 

Tara was presented this award at the Board's Annual Holiday Party held in January 2024 by Dr. Bob Casanova and Dr. Laura Strom. 

The award consists of a crystal heart mounted on a black crystal base. Dr. Strom chose a heart because she loves RECAMFT so much, and knew the winner would, too.

Here is a close up of the award engraving. 

Engraved award

Yellow roses and award

This award was conceived by the Board in June 2023, at Dr. Bob Casanova's suggestion as a way to honor an outstanding Board member, elected by Board peers annually. The presidential trio is not allowed to win or vote.  Dr. Casanova wanted to honor the work of Laura Strom with the award for "saving CAMFT" in 2013-2014, being CAMFT President in 2015, and RECAMFT's President in 2014, 2021, and 2022. 

January 21, 2024 - L-R: Dr. Bob Casanova, Tara D'Orazio, Dr. Laura Strom. Ca'Bianca, Santa Rosa, CA. 

Patricia Hromalik on why she voted for Tara to win this award. "Why I voted for Tara? In addition to her work as CFO, heading up the Scholarship Committee, participating on the Membership Committee, co-chairing the fun summer membership event at the horse ranch with buggy rides, founding the Racial and Social Justice Committee, organizing, faithfully running and attending the monthly craft group, working behind the scenes on Zoom events, and on the website and things I'm probably forgetting - she's always willing to pitch in and help.  And she always is a voice of calm, reason and caring when helping work through issues and decisions. And most of all Tara is a delightful person who is so easy and fun to work with, and has a wonderful sense of humor! Congrats, Tara on winning!"

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