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Introducing  - The Justice Projects

What our members are saying about The Justice Project: Antiracism (2022)

We have two tracks. Choose one or both!

RECAMFT's Goal: The Justice Projects are designed to elevate the awareness, sensitivity and education of our members to create a community of healers dedicated to racial and social justice. We appreciate and welcome your feedback sent to

New! Be one of the first 25 people to finish and attest to either Justice Project, and you can win a free 6 CE Law & Ethics at our October 27, 2023 in-person, catered Law & Ethics with Luke Martin, MBA, JD, at Furth Center

The 2023 Justice Project:


Learn more here.

The 2023 Justice Project:

LGBTQ+ Affirming Care

Learn more here.

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Our Racial and Social Justice Pledge: RECAMFT is committed to equity including addressing structural racism and systemic injustice. We endeavor to be inclusive and value individuals from all ethnicities, ages, races, sexual orientations, genders, languages, abilities, religions, citizenship statuses, and socioeconomic backgrounds into our chapter and into treatment.

We strive to advocate, educate, collaborate, and strategize for positive racial and social justice change within our membership and our community.

RECAMFT’s Values (from our Strategic Plan)

Respect, compassion, inclusivity, collaboration, adaptability, transparency

Heart with RECAMFT"s vision words: Adaptability, Compassion, Inclusivity, Collaboration, Respect

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