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RECAMFT's Strategic Plan

                           Redwood Empire Chapter

of the

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

Strategic Plan

Adopted by the RECAMFT Board of Directors on August 20, 2021

RECAMFT’s Mission

"The purpose of RECAMFT is to promote and maintain professional competence and integrity with knowledge, innovation, compassion, humor and respect for human dignity and diversity. We do this by providing opportunities for networking, education and community outreach.”

RECAMFT’s Racial and Social Justice Pledge

“RECAMFT is committed to addressing inequalities including structural racism and systemic injustice. We endeavor to be inclusive and value individuals from all ethnicities, ages, races, sexual orientations, genders, languages, abilities, religions, citizenship statuses, and socioeconomic backgrounds into our chapter and into treatment.

We strive to advocate, educate, collaborate, and strategize for positive racial and social justice change within our membership and our community.”

RECAMFT’s Vision

RECAMFT and our members strive to be exemplary professional resources for Marriage and Family Therapists, Associates, affiliates and people seeking our services, through leadership, quality education, and establishing a collegial, compassionate network to serve our local communities.

RECAMFT’s Values

Respect, compassion, inclusivity, collaboration, adaptability, transparency

RECAMFT’s Strategic Plan

Outcome 1 - Provide members with opportunities to network, and to create collegial connections with other members.

Outcome 2 - Provide high quality, leading edge education to our members with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Strategy 1 - Provide a minimum of 15 continuing education hours or one-half the number of CEs needed for biannual license renewal for members annually.

Strategy 2 - Provide a minimum of 6 law and ethics continuing education hours or the existing number of Law & Ethics continuing education units required by law for members annually.

Outcome 3 - Increase RECAMFT’s visibility as a group of mental health experts available to the local community as a resource.

Strategy 3 - Provide top-notch education events to members and the broader community.

Strategy 4 - Encourage members to speak out to the community as experts when appropriate.

RECAMFT’s Values (from our Strategic Plan)

Respect, compassion, inclusivity, collaboration, adaptability, transparency

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