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October 2022

Red show ticket: Admit One

  • Level Up: Rejuvenate Your Clinical Work by Transforming Your Expertise into a Marketable CE Training Program
  • Lisa Wenninger, MA, MBA, NBCC, APCC
  • Friday, Oct. 7th, 2022
  • 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Zoom, 2 hrs (no CEs)
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Featured member

RECAMFT's Mission Statement

The purpose of RECAMFT is to promote and maintain professional competence and integrity with knowledge, innovation, compassion, humor and respect for human dignity and diversity.

We do this by providing opportunities for networking, education and community outreach.

Have you written a book? 

Be sure to let us know so we can include it on our Library page. Email

President's Message: What a line up!! RECAMFT has some exciting presentations and  speakers coming your way!

By Laura Strom, LMFT

RECAMFT booth close upWe have some goodies for you!!! 

I promised you an exciting lineup of speakers and here it is! See the full list here

Starting in 2023....

Doesn't this sound interesting? We are very excited about it, and hope you will be, too. 

RECAMFT made a splash at the CAMFT Fall Symposium. Here are some pics.

Above: Our booth with plenty of swag from previous years, and some great pens for this event. 

Above: Scott Brandt, PhD, giving a fascinating talk on working with folks who have narcissistic personality disorder. 

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New!! Social Media Artwork for you to download for your cover photo! 

Here are two cover photos you can download and use for your social media.  

 Click here to download the below social media cover photo. When it comes up, right click to save to your computer. 

RECAMFT Social Media Cover Photo

Click here to download the below social media cover photo.  When it comes up, right click to save to your computer. 

Thoughts from the Racial & Social Justice Committee (RSJC)

"Justice Project 2.0 coming in 2023"

Light and brown hands making a heart.The Racial and Social Justice Committee is very excited to be working on the Justice Project 2.0 which will focus on the social justice issues facing the LGBTQ+ community and ways in which Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) who identify as LGBTQ+ face a double whammy of racism and social justice harms. 

We meet on the third Friday monthly, and had a meeting with the RECAMFT Board of Directors on 9/9/22. When we all pondered why the RECAMFT Board should be funding the Justice Project, Dr. Bob Casanova summed it up with "Because it's needed", meaning all RECAMFT therapists need to work on improving our sensitivity to racial and social justice issues facing our clients daily. 

We will be announcing Justice Project 2.0 very soon! 

October is LGBTQ+ History Month!

In celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month, the Sonoma County Library is hosting a variety of family-friendly events to honor, educate, and celebrate the decades of persistence and determination of members of the LGBTQ+ community! Come join as community members share their stories, find resources within Sonoma County to support queer youth and adults, and connect with others in the rich and diverse history of LGBTQ+ activism.  Be sure to check out RECAMFT's LGBTQ+ Resource page, too. 

Emily Larkin, LMFT

Emily Larkin, LMFT has a psychotherapy practice in Sebastopol. She is a RECAMFT Board Director at Large, and a member of the Racial and Social Justice Committee. She can be reached through her website here

Got a sticky problem? Come discuss it confidentially with your colleagues at our next Ethics Roundtable

Not consultation, just a great way to get some ideas aboutRainbow neon lightbulb how to handle your sticky case. Friendly and open group.  Learn more here.

  • Fri., Oct. 21st
  • 12 to 1:30 pm
  • Zoom
  • Register here.
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RECAMFT's Racial and Social Justice Pledge

RECAMFT is committed to equity including addressing structural racism and systemic injustice. We endeavor to be inclusive and value individuals from all ethnicities, ages, races, sexual orientations, genders, languages, abilities, religions, citizenship statuses, and socioeconomic backgrounds into our chapter and into treatment.

We strive to advocate, educate, collaborate, and strategize for positive racial and social justice change within our membership and our community.

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Prelicensed Support - check out our events just for you!

Meet RECAMFT's Prelicensed Chair and Director at Large, Jessica Heaney, AMFT. She is a recent graduate of Touro University Worldwide, and is now working for Seneca's Wraparound Program. Jessica is hosting our newly named 3000 Hour Club for Prelicensed Members monthly "Walk and Talk" events on the first Friday monthly. 3-5 PM. Learn more here. Contact Jessica at    

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Warning signMembers! Your SHORT DESCRIPTION is the most important thing on your profile. Why? Because that shows in our online directory. It matters! Please log in and complete yours today! 

RECAMFT LogoParticipate in the Justice Project by 12/31/22 and receive a lovely Certificate of Achievement for your wall! Click here to find out more. 

Programs Committee Chair seat is available. Is it you? 

The Programs Committee needs a chair. This is a fun one, choosing the speakers for the coming year. Is it you? 

We also need a couple of people to help us review presentation applications. Can you help? Send your interest to

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We Need You! Jobs for Awesome Volunteers

We STILL need help with

  • Tech 2 - Social Media Manager
  • Newsletter Editor

Please send an email to if you can help.       

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More RECAMFT Events! 

Prelicensed, Crafts, Ethics, Board

Check out all the following events!

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What You Missed....The CAMFT Fall Symposium!

Gail Van Buuren, Cynthia Halliday and JoAnn Consiglieri enjoying Dr. Brandt's program on working with Narcissistic PD clients at the CAMFT Fall Symposium. 

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Don't miss Law & Ethics recordings!

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Are you creative? Join us for our Crafting Group

Bring any craft you like, get on Zoom with us and visit with your colleagues while

we knit, sew, paint, draw, cook, create, etc. 

Artist's desk

North Marin Community Services is hiring a full-

time Clinical Director job for school and community

based mental health programs. To apply visit

or email

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Luke Martin, JDIt's not too late to catch "Navigating the Road to Licensure"!

Starring Luke Matthew Martin, JD, CAMFT Staff attorney. 

Find the recording here, and watch at your leisure.  

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RECAMFT's Listserv For All! Check it out! 

Dog with laptop

Our listserv has over 440 members on it, and is active daily with great conversations, resources, offerings, in search of, books, movies, office rentals, jobs, internships, etc. You can view the home page of our listserv at 

If you are not currently enrolled in the listserv, please email and ask to be added. You have the option of setting up your account to be 

      • Read individual emails
      • Read a digest of 12 emails
      • Or read online only

After you have been added to the listserv, you can change the way you receive the emails to any of the above choices. 

In Gmail the emails will appear under your Forums tab. To send an email to the listserv, simply address your email to 

If you do not want to be on our listserv, you can delete your account or write to and ask to not be a part of the listserv. But we urge you to give it a try. You are missing out on a ton of meaningful collaboration with your colleagues. We hope you will enjoy being part of our online community! 

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Get the latest Therapy Groups Listings here!


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Board Highlights

The RECAMFT Board of Directors (BOD) held our Sept. Board Meeting at the CAMFT Fall Symposium. After meeting for two hours, we then met with the Racial and Social Justice Committee. This was the first time many of us had met in person. It was great to see each other's faces.  

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L-R: Jessica Heaney, Gina Culver, Jean Hayes enjoying lunch at the recent retreat in Occidental.  Return to top

RECAMFT's Scholarships, Honors and Awards! 

Congratulations to RECAMFT's first award recipients of the Joe and Pamela Ward Memorial Scholarships!Pam and Joe Ward

Bree Watson, AMFT and Claudia Hernandez, AMFT were each awarded one year memberships to RECAMFT and $1000!

Bree WatsonBree Watson (she/they) has spent the past 3 years working with youth and families experiencing trauma and wants to become EMDR certified to help them heal. Their mission is to help LGBTQ+ clients feel supported and validated for who they are. They attended CIIS and currently practice at The Petaluma People Services Center.

Claudia HernandezClaudia Hernandez (she/her) is a first generation daughter of Mexican immigrants. She has worked on Skid Row as a Case Manager for unhoused Los Angeles residents with severe mental illnesses and trauma. Her experiences there planted the seed of becoming a therapist and she enrolled at SSU. She is excited to do research on mental health and the Latinx community and to reduce negative cultural stigmas. She currently practices at SOS Counseling Center.

These funds were generously donated by our community members, with matching funds from the RECAMFT Board of Directors, to support pre-licensed members of our community and lighten the expenses of Associateship.

RECAMFT has chosen to honor former Admins Joe and Pamela Ward, and their three adopted children by creating a memorial scholarship and grant program. This program awards two (2) annual gifts of $1,000 with a free 1-year chapter membership to pre-licensed members of RECAMFT, and one (1) annual gift of $1,000 with a free 1-year chapter membership to a newly licensed member (up to three years post-licensure) of RECAMFT.

To apply for one of these scholarships or to donate to the scholarship fund, please go to We are currently accepting applications for our next award in July 2023!    Return to top

Announcing the all-new Spirit of RECAMFT Award!

The all-new Spirit of RECAMFT Award is intended to highlight or showcase our members who are working in the community to support the mental health profession and the well-being of our community at large. It is for those members who may not necessarily be seen but have contributed to unmet needs and or advancements in the mental health profession.

At the heart of this award is acknowledging someone who embodies all of the aspects of RECAMFT’s mission, values, vision, and commitment to the profession and mental well-being within the community.

Find out more here.       Return to top

Thank you to for your support and partnership with RECAMFT! has been one of RECAMFT's longest time supporters and partners. ad

Find out more about advertising with RECAMFT here

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Thank you to CPH for sponsoring our annual Law & Ethics once again. CPH is a good friend to RECAMFT!

Learn more about how to sponsor a RECAMFT event and reach over 1800 mental health professionals here

Thank you to M.E.N. for your support! 

M.E.N. ad

Call for Submissions for the November 2022 Issue of The RECAMFT Therapist! 

November is National Native American Heritage Month. On Nov. 11th, we honor our military with Veteran's Day, and Nov. 24th is Thanksgiving. We especially welcome submissions where these themes intersect with mental health. Please send your submission (500 word max) to by the 15th. Questions?

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Kate Maxwell, PhD, LMFTPast President Honor Roll - Meet RECAMFT's 2008 President - Kate Maxwell, PhD, LMFT

As RECAMFT's President, Dr. Kate Maxwell saw RECAMFT through The Great Recession of 2008, one of the most economically trying times in America's history since the Great Depression of the 20s. Thank you to Kate for your leadership during a difficult time. We are grateful for your guidance in a very trying time!  

Want to see all our Past Presidents? Click here.    Return to top

Thank you for reading this month's newsletter! RECAMFT is great because of involved members like you!!

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